While searching for good practices related to gamification and social inclusion in Greece, we at AddArt feel obliged to start by presenting one of our most trusted and accomplished partners in the field, Summer Camp Tsaf Tsouf. With more than 30 years of experience, Tsaf Tsouf was one of the first summer camps in Greece to implement a 2 week programme for people with disabilities, still running since 2000.

Beyond Borders is held every year at the end of August and is supported by numerous professionals, including but not limited to: experienced educators, art teachers, psychologists, physical trainers, animal handlers, animateurs, doctors, nurses, caretakers and lifeguards. Its core principle is respecting differences in gender, religion, sexual orientation, political belief and physical or mental disabilities. This is also reflected on the programme’s aims for its participants, which are: the development of new skills, human interaction – socializing – harmonious coexistence, exploring nature, edutainment (educational entertainment) and the development of autonomy and self-care.

The programme can host any person with mental/physical/sensory disabilities above the age of 6 (up to 200 participants), while accommodation and nutrition is focused on safety, comfort and division of needs. Respect towards disability and inclusion are the main pillars of the activities’ schedule, which includes: swimming and sports, canoe & kayak, climbing, horse riding, ATV rides, archery, painting, clay sculpting, dancing, theater play, cooking, radio broadcasts, film making, talent shows, disco & beach parties, live concerts and many more. Gamification is a strong element of all the aforementioned activities, as it eases the transition of the participants from one physical and emotional state to another through team building games & energizers and by introducing common camp goals/achievements to encourage participation & inclusion.

Caretakers are the most important aspect of this annual project, since without them nothing would be possible. Beyond Borders depends 24/7 on these young and energetic professionals to turn every activity into a fun, loving and memorable experience for the participants, always following the motto “All equal – All different”. A testament to the level of professionalism under which the programme is carried out is the fact that COVID-19 restrictions provided no hindrance in last year’s implementation.

Make sure to click on the video below to find out more about this good practice from Greece!

“Πέρα από τα Σύνορα” – Κατασκηνωτικό Πρόγραμμα για Ανθρώπους με Αναπηρία 2019


Written by AddArt.