Spread the Game… the end?

ENG – Spread the Game… the end? When you participate in this kind of projects, especially of this length (and with a pandemic in between), it becomes part of your daily life. But one day, the project comes to an end. Then mixed feelings come over you. Happy to be able to finish a project […]

Simplicity in Inclusion

Simplicity in Inclusion It ended in Palermo “Spread the game” a project coordinated by HRYO and founded by the Eramus+ and the National Youth Agency. The project was born for the idea to create an educational path, with more effective instruments and methodologies to achieve a more inclusive society. Beyond the bureaucratic formulas, which are […]

The Hidden Element: Searching for gamification in Slovenia

The hidden element: searching for gamification in Slovenia Not much research can be found in Slovenia on the subject of gamification, but something is obvious; gamification is present in many fields. In fact, one of the first Slovenian works on gamification is a diploma thesis titled “The Gamification of Advertising in Slovenia” written by Pavlič in 2016. In her work, Pavlič […]

Leading by Example: Gamification and education in Catalonia

Leading by example: gamification and education in Catalonia To start talking about gamification, it is important to put a bit of context in the subject. In our case, it is a bit easier to talk about the Catalan context, as Spain is a very big country, and the reality can vary from one region to another. […]

Gamification in Greece: A work in progress

Gamification in Greece: a work in progress According to Gabe Zichermann, the world’s foremost expert and public speaker on the subject, gamification “is a process of using game thinking and game dynamics to engage audiences and solve problems”. But has Greece joined in the game yet? If you factor in the marketing and advertising industry, the […]

Spread the game and the use of gamification as an instrument of social inclusion

Spread the game and the use of gamification as an instrument of social inclusion “Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I’ll remember, engage me and I’ll learn”. It’s a frase pronounced in 1700 by Benjamin Franklin, one of the United States’ founding fathers, that already at that time had identified the importance of […]