AddArt is a nonprofit multi-arts organization from Greece with a core mission to add art to everyday life. Founded in early 2014 in the rich cultural fabric of the city of Thessaloniki, it consists of highly experienced members and artists who have proved themselves both in and outside of their local community. From its outset, […]


Let’s meet MCC! A conversation with Katja & Samanta Today we welcome Katja Kolenc and Samanta Hadžić Žavski of Celjski Mladinski Center, partnering with HRYO for “Spread the Game”. So, Katja and Samanta, hi! Tell us a bit about yourselves. What led you to work in this field, how long have you been working with […]


FCV around the World Small but ongoing! Fundació Catalunya Voluntària has been working for more than 14 years in youth work, competence development and non-formal education. But the work goes a bit further, starting with a youth-led association created in 1999, called Barcelona Voluntària, which believed in the importance of international mobility and the power of youth in […]


HRYO: HUMAN RIGHTS FOR A BETTER FUTURE When it was created, the Human Rights Youth Organization was a brand-new player in a field still under development. Back then, the public’s attention to human rights wasn’t nearly as focused as it is today: there was no woke mentality in the first decade of the new millennium, […]