Next up, we are introducing a case study from our long-term partner organization Kids in Action!

«Kids in action» is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation founded in Thessaloniki in 2003. Kids in Action are trying to get in touch, inspire and encourage young people to take action and participate through a number of different activities such as festivals, street theatre, circus and theatre performances, youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and volunteering activities. One of the many activities and projects implemented by the organization was “S FACTOR -Into Eurovision”: a KA1-Mobility for youth workers in which partner organizations involved young people with disabilities and created together a music video clip.

The purpose of this KA1-Mobility was to promote the inclusion and empowerment of young people and children with disabilities through the use of music and video, and to equip youth workers with new creative digital and artistic tools to work with their youth groups. The target group of the activity was youth, social workers and caregivers for people with disabilities working in Amymoni Disability Centre in Thessaloniki as well as young people and children with disability hosted there. “S FACTOR -Into Eurovision” consisted of 1 Training Course for youth workers, a phase of implementation and production of the video, a 1-day activity/event (online and offline) where the contest of the music videos and the online voting took place, and finally one Evaluation Meeting for youth workers.

Kids in Action facilitated the whole process by: preparing the 2 youth workers from Amymoni that participated in the Training Course, monitoring the process of preparation for the production of the video clip, organising all communication with the partner organisations, and coordinating all practical and logistical issues (communication with the band that gave the rights of the song, contact with the filmmaker, arrange all travel details, communication for the translation of the song in English and international sign language). After coordinating the final event of the “competition”, Kids in Action was also responsible for the dissemination of the results.

During our case study of this project it became more evident than ever that being creative and using art as a pedagogical tool is a unique way to raise empathy, to work in a more joyful way and to promote solidarity, inclusion and volunteering. But most importantly, it’s a great way to connect with people with disability, with their families,supporters, and caregivers through an easy and enjoyable activity!

You can see all above in action, by watching the video clip that won the 1st place in the

“S FACTOR -Into Eurovision” competition.