The toolkit of “Peace Bag for Euromed Youth” is the result of a long term project coordinated by FCV, with the support of the Anna Lindh Foundation and in collaboration with 17 youth organizations from 14 different countries.

The goal of the project is to spread awareness about peace education, intercultural dialogue and youth work.

The “Peace Bag” is a combination of working tools, methods, case studies, key concepts, information and practical activities that young people can use and adjust to their necessities. This training guide can help young people to understand how peace and intercultural dialogue can relate with their daily work.

Any kind of toolkit is a tool in order to implement activities, games and strategies in order to promote inclusion, and in this case, conflict transformation and peace education. 

It is important for inclusion game, no matter the target group, to be able to intersect with different minorities, which could be the case of this toolkit. 

Youthworkes can learn and experience methods to create safe spaces for reflection and more inclusive groups.