Sometimes the easiest solutions are the most effective. Escola Àuria, a school for young people with disabilities, developed a game in order to make it easier for children to connect and live their daily reality. 

We take for granted the way we see, interact and communicate in society. But as we have seen up until now, it’s never so simple, and it’s definitely not the same for everyone. 

Two teachers decided to implement an activity, using daily methods, to make spaces more accessible and safer for people with communication difficulties. The target group was originally for young people between 14 to 18 years old, but of course, it is useful for everyone who needs it. This way, as they themselves state, they facilitate the naming and usage of public spaces for citizens, improving the quality of life of people with generalized development disorder, autism spectrum disorder, people with intellectual disabilities, etc. although it can also benefit newcomers or those without access to literacy. 

And the method is as simple as can be. Together with the group, they select, cut and stick the pictograms to the spaces and the things they want to name. They have started with the public Civic Centre, and the idea is to go to the streets and all public spaces. 

Pictogram by pictogram, we can make places more accessible!