Simplicity in Inclusion

It ended in Palermo “Spread the game” a project coordinated by HRYO and founded by the Eramus+ and the National Youth Agency. The project was born for the idea to create an educational path, with more effective instruments and methodologies to achieve a more inclusive society.

Beyond the bureaucratic formulas, which are often difficult to understand, ‘Spread the game’ was a project with strong elements of innovation. The idea was to share good practices while exploring different methods and ways to involve and to training the operators working in this field

All the participants and the partnerships networks involved in the project had declared to be more conscious and involved in the project’s main thematic.

‘Spread the Game’ combined different methodologies from the gamification to the digital storytelling, in order to provide educators, teachers, and other agents with instruments and platforms that can be used with different target goals, possessing or not a disability.

Thought-out different mobilities, operators from different countries, Spain (FCV), Greece (ADDart), Slovenia (MCC) and Italy (HRYO) have been able to collect material on gamification to create a digital exhibition using a free tool, artsteps, which can be very useful in everyday work, very accessible and simple to use: in short, a real help in enhancing social inclusion. The mobilities, we remind, serve the purpose of learning about good practices in partner countries and understanding the potential for application in local contexts. The ultimate goal was to create a toolkit to share with practitioners, highlighting different examples of gamification and networking with our partners in Europe through the exchange of success stories and best practices.


Some of the tools and methodologies developed, such as the Tower of inclusion or the Welcome inclusion cards, have been a great success. Two products from which HRYO volunteers expect great practical results.

Toolkit but not only.

One of the promoted good practices, SWING (Signs for Work INclusion Gain), aims to support people with hearing impairments by developing an application containing a dictionary with technical terms from different professions, facilitating communication in a work environment. SWING is promoted by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme (Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practice) in the VET (Vocational Educational and Training) field.

Another good practice is Sound Escape, a project to combat violence against women developed by HRYO – Human Rights Youth Organisation in cooperation with Maghweb and Liberation prison project Association, thanks to the contribution of the Ministry of Equal Opportunities. The project foreseen the implementation of three laboratories: “-consciousness and meditation laboratory developed by the Liberation Prison Project Association; “Understanding Violence based on gender” done by HRYO and “Sound Scape laboratory” developed by Maghweb. The laboratories aimed at producing concrete outputs as well as discovering inner spaces made of ‘different’ sounds and vibrations and awareness.